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Volcargo has well-trained IATA Dangerous Goods certificated staff. Dangerous goods requiring organization in a professional way is provided by our experienced and professional staff.

The necessary procedures and rules must be fulfilled for the transport of dangerous goods.

There are some rules and regulations in country of departure- destinations- transit and operators.  If these rules and regulations regarding dangerous goods are not completed in correct way, airline, shipper and authorized agency will face serious problems during cargo acceptance and transportation, which endengers flight safety.


A shipper must comply fully with these Regulations when offering a consignment of dangerous goods to IATA Member and associate Member airlines and to airlines participating in IATA interline agreements for Cargo. In additions, shippers must comply with any applicable regulations set forth by the States of origin, transit and destination.

A shipper must comply with these regulations when submitting dangerous goods to the respective airlines. In additions, shippers must comply with applicable regulations of origin, transit and destination countries. Prior to shipment, the MSDS Material Seafty Data Sheet should be sent to the relevant airline via authorized agent, referring to the actual DGR Manual, indicating all chemical properties of the cargo to be shipped. This plays an important role in the acceptance and control of the relevant cargo.